About One Channel

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One Channel was formed out of the necessity to provide complete Cloud-based solutions to mid-sized and larger customers on the African continent. We have followed the evolution of business software from core accounting, to ERP and now to extended ERP, HRM and Multi-Cloud and have adapted our business model to enable us to deliver these modern extensible systems. To achieve this most vendors require a large range of skills, competencies and infrastructure which include the software and hardware platform, the core ERP, vertical product knowledge and geographic coverage. Only One Channel provides all of the above to allow customers to experience a seamless vendor experience that is capable of delivering complete and world-class solutions cost effectively.

Here are our core values:

  • We aim to retain our customers for life.
  • We understand the new Multiverse world as well as the best path to Digital Migration of your business.
  • We understand the need for customers to realise the best return on their investment in ERP, HRM and Business Software.
  • We know that the cost and disruption of changing entire systems must yield a rapid returnand  improvement in efficiencies. To achieve this goal, have formed an association of the very best industry Partners, product experts, consultants, software developers and accountants who work as a cohesive team under the One Channel umbrella.
  • We help mid-sized and large companies with digital migration of their core systems to the Cloud and ensure that we unlock the efficiency and cost savings associated with the Cloud.
  • If  you have made the decision to replace your legacy systems, we assist you with the very latest Cloud and Mobile technologies to connect your workforce, suppliers and customers while lowering the cost of running your systems.
  • We offer flexible licensing and deployment options from full SaaS with Subscription billing to Private Cloud and upfront license purchase.