AcuConvert is an Acumatica specific utility to convert an ERP database/files to the Acumatica Framework. This tool simplifies the process of moving data to Acumatica by migrating / converting masterfiles, setup, and full data history.

1. Validate the Database(s):
Use automated tools within AcuConvert to check and verify data consistency. The program will examine the database then provide a list of repairable issues with an explanation of inconsistencies. The data will need to be repaired before moving forward with the conversion. ASI is available to provide consulting services to assist with repairing errors found during the validation process.
2. Perform Preliminary Conversion:
Once the Database has been validated and prepared; a preliminary conversion is processed to provide a review of the customer data before going live. Documentation is provided to assist in the review process. This is a great opportunity to provide training with customer data in preparation to GO-LIVE.
After verifying the success of the preliminary conversion, scheduling the final conversion will be the last step to achieving a successful customer’s Acumatica environment.

AcuConvert facilitates an accurate and successful data conversion. No client software installation is required.

Key Features

Key Benefits
• Great avenue to move to a state of the art ERP system
• Enables training with customer data before GO-LIVE
• Minimal downtime
• Reasonably priced
• Customer receives Acumatica database with their data

ERP Conversions available
• Microsoft Dynamics – SL
• Microsoft Dynamics – GP
• Sage 100 (Available Sept. 2014)
• Custom conversions available upon request