The Processware platform enables organisations to design, manage, and optimise their unique business process in support of their strategic objectives. The powerful platform connects data, systems, processes and policies with people and their devices by means of a user friendly interface. The result is synchronised data, standardised processes and streamlined operations.

While Acumatica provides a powerful suite of Automation and Notification technologies, One Channel Processware adds the dimension of highly complex Business Process Management with full integration to the underlying data.

NAVIGATION FRAMEWORK If you are not a developer or a process designer, your only interaction with Processware will be by way of the end user interfaces called Navigators. Both custom and commercial applications need a navigation framework – i.e. menu items, toolbars and buttons – to guide users in the use of the application.

Processware provides this framework out of the box, including login screens, worklists, dashboards, and a menu structure that provides easy access to processes.

Consistent Navigation Framework

Professional, consistent multilingual screens standardise the user experience across departments and regions.

With intuitive and consistent screen designs, new staff can get up to speed quickly and be productive in minimum time.

  • Simplifying Business Optimisation
    • Changes to existing screens can be applied swiftly, and new screens can be developed in a fraction of the time it would take doing traditional custom development. This means that requests from business can be delivered quickly, and easily adjusted as operational needs change.
  • Security Considerations
    • The navigation framework is security aware. This means that users can only see the items they are allowed to access, which makes the user experience much simpler and gives users the confidence to work without fear of overstepping their authorisation levels.
  • Expand Your Mobile Strategy
    • Users can access their process screens through desktop, tablet and mobile navigators. The ability to access processes on the go helps promote shorter turnaround times and more efficient service.