One Channel partners with 2Interact to expand into HRMS

One Channel partners with 2Interact to expand into HRMS

Cloud specialist One Channel has now partnered with 2Interact, a global Human Resources Management System (HRMS) provider. This is part of One Channel's strategy to provide complete Cloud-based solutions to mid-sized and larger customers on the African continent.

Interact HRMS provides a complete suite of seamlessly integrated applications that encompass the full scope of HR and payroll. The solution is a pure web application which can be deployed in both a public or private cloud. It can also function as a standalone HRMS application or be integrated with commercially available ERP solutions popular in the African market.

"We've followed the evolution of business software from core accounting to ERP and now to extended ERP, HRMS and multi-Cloud and have adapted our business model to enable us to deliver these modern extensible systems. Interact HRMS is the perfect fit, a pure web-based application," says One Channel CEO Bernard Ford.

HRMS solutions are constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of customers in a highly competitive environment. They are currently being used in various industries including banking and finance, construction, manufacturing, oil & gas, healthcare, education, logistics, packaging, shipping, consulting services and government.

Marc Van der Ven, VP at 2Interact added: "We are very pleased to partner with One Channel as we have seen there is a huge need for cutting edge HRMS technology in the African market. One Channel's experience in bringing to market business solutions through a local partner network, will greatly benefit our mutual clients.”

“Today's customers are asking for global HRMS that is fully compliant with local tax and labour regulations and offers seamless integration for HR, Payroll, Time, Talent and Risk management," he explained.

Ford says once the HR department becomes a strategic player in an organisation instead of playing a back office role, management will realise the importance of HRMS. "With 2Interact, we can now assist HR departments to transform the role they play in the organisation - taking HR from a back office role to a strategic role."

"We can give you the tools to be able to achieve this transformation by procuring and implementing the optimal HRMS solution. HRMS must become one of the backbone mission critical systems for any organisation," he concludes.

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